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No one has time for the flu, but when flu season hits, you are vulnerable. At Urgent Care Center of Arlington, we want to help our patients protect their health. While we are here for you when you do get sick, our medical staff believes it is always better to protect wellness instead of treat illness. That’s why we offer flu shots that will help boost your immunity and reduce your risk of catching the flu. When you visit Urgent Care Center of Arlington for a flu shot, you won’t have to wait for an appointment. Simply stop in at your convenience and get your flu shot so you can be protected all flu season long.

Are you due for a flu shot? Call us or contact us online to learn more about getting your flu shot in Arlington.

Why Consider a Flu Shot This Year?

Each year, the flu shot prevents millions of cases of influenza, an illness that can keep you sick in bed for at least a week and, in some extreme cases, be fatal. Getting the flu shot can reduce your risk of having to get medical care for the flu by as much as 60 percent. It also reduces the risk of hospitalization for the flu. The CDC highly recommends the flu shot for people with weakened immunity, pregnant mothers, children, and the elderly, but anyone can benefit from this helpful vaccination. Why run the risk of getting the flu? Get your flu shot today and give yourself the protection you deserve.

If you’re in need of a flu shot in Arlington, give us a call us!

Choose Us for Your Flu Shot in Arlington

If you are due for your flu shot, Urgent Care Center of Arlington is a logical choice. When you visit us for this important vaccination, you will enjoy:

  • Friendly, personalized attention
  • Fast, convenient service
  • The ability to use most major insurance providers
  • Weekend and evening appointments that fit your schedule
  • Flu shots for people of all ages
  • Convenient, easy-to-access North Arlington location

With Urgent Care Center of Arlington, you don’t have to wait for an appointment. Simply stop in at your convenience to your flu shot in Arlington.


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