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Before a child can play sports on a school team or league, it’s important that the coach knows the child is in good health. Certain medical conditions that are unknown to the parents can prove quite damaging or dangerous when a child starts playing sports. Thankfully, Urgent Care Center of Arlington is here to help. Our sports physicals are fast, convenient and affordable, ensuring your child has the required documentation to play sports, and you have the peace of mind knowing your child is healthy and ready for the season ahead.

Are you in need of a sports physical this year? Call 703-762-2628 to talk to our team, or simply stop in our Arlington clinic. You will never need an appointment for a sports physical, so come in at your convenience.

Why Do You Need Sports Physicals?

Sports physicals are more than just another form to check off as you get your kid ready to go back to school. These are very important to protect your child’s health and wellness. At a sports physical, our physician will:

  • Ensure that it is safe for your child to engage in sports activity.
  • Identify life-threatening conditions, like asthma or heart conditions, that may make sports dangerous.
  • Determine if there are any recent conditions or injuries that would require limitations for the sports activity.
  • Ensure that any old injuries are properly healed before the child participates in sports.
  • Remove any previous restrictions from old injuries or conditions.
  • Help your child understand the importance of nutrition and conditioning while participating in sports.

Though it may seem like the sports physical is over fast, it is an important visit. Urgent Care Center of Arlington makes it easy to get this important item checked off of your “to do” list with our extended hours and convenient care format.

Sports Physicals at Times that Work for You

At Urgent Care Center of Arlington, we know life is busy. That is why we have hours that work for busy parents and kids. If your kid needs a sports physical, stop by at our convenient location and enjoy extended hours until 7 pm. We also offer sports physicals on the weekend, so you don’t have to take off work or school to get this important detail taken care of for your child.

Contact us online to learn more about our hours and how you can get a sports physical with Urgent Care Center of Arlington.


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