Alma, Georgia, located in Bacon County, is home to several hospitals that provide essential healthcare services to the community. These hospitals offer a range of medical specialties and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the well-being of their patients. In this article, we will explore the hospitals in Alma, Georgia, providing detailed information about each facility, including contact details and other useful information.

1. Bacon County Hospital

Bacon County Hospital is a leading healthcare institution in Alma, Georgia. It is a full-service hospital that offers a comprehensive range of medical services to patients of all ages. The hospital is staffed with highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional care.

Bacon County Hospital has received positive reviews from patients, with many praising the friendly and attentive staff. The hospital has a clean and comfortable environment, ensuring a pleasant experience for patients and their families.

2. Alma Medical Center

Alma Medical Center is another prominent hospital in Alma, Georgia. It is known for its specialized medical services and advanced technology. The hospital focuses on providing personalized care to meet the unique needs of each patient.

  • Contact Information:
  • Address: 1000 South Pierce Street, Alma, GA 31510
  • Phone: (912) 632-8962
  • Website:

Patients have praised Alma Medical Center for its efficient and prompt service. The hospital has a team of compassionate healthcare professionals who go above and beyond to ensure patient satisfaction. The facility is well-maintained and equipped with the latest medical equipment.

3. Bacon County Urgent Care

Bacon County Urgent Care is a convenient option for individuals seeking immediate medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions. The urgent care center provides prompt and efficient care without the need for an appointment.

Bacon County Urgent Care has received positive feedback from patients who appreciate the short wait times and the expertise of the medical staff. The center offers extended hours, making it a convenient option for individuals with busy schedules.

4. Alma Pediatric Hospital

Alma Pediatric Hospital specializes in providing comprehensive healthcare services for children. The hospital has a child-friendly environment and a team of pediatric specialists who are dedicated to the well-being of young patients.

Parents have praised Alma Pediatric Hospital for its compassionate and child-centered care. The hospital offers a range of specialized services, including pediatric surgery, neonatal care, and pediatric emergency care.

5. Bacon County Mental Health Center

Bacon County Mental Health Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health services to individuals of all ages. The center offers a range of therapies and treatments to address various mental health conditions.

The mental health center has received positive reviews for its caring and knowledgeable staff. Patients appreciate the center’s commitment to providing personalized treatment plans and its emphasis on holistic well-being.


Alma, Georgia, offers a range of hospitals and healthcare facilities to cater to the diverse medical needs of its residents. Whether it’s a full-service hospital, urgent care center, or specialized pediatric or mental health facility, the hospitals in Alma are committed to providing high-quality care. Patients can rest assured knowing that they have access to skilled healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art facilities in their community.

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