Elberton, Georgia, located in Elbert County, is home to several hospitals that provide essential healthcare services to the community. These hospitals offer a range of medical specialties and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the highest quality of care. In this article, we will explore each hospital in Elberton, providing contact details and other useful information to help you navigate the healthcare options in the city.

1. Elbert Memorial Hospital

Elbert Memorial Hospital is a leading healthcare facility in Elberton, Georgia. It is a full-service hospital that offers a comprehensive range of medical services to patients of all ages. The hospital is known for its commitment to patient-centered care and has a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals.

  • Contact Information:
  • Address: 4 Medical Drive, Elberton, GA 30635
  • Phone: (706) 213-2600
  • Website: https://www.emhcare.net/

Elbert Memorial Hospital has received positive reviews from patients, with many praising the friendly and attentive staff. The hospital has consistently been rated highly for its cleanliness and the quality of care provided.

2. Elberton Health Center

Elberton Health Center is a community-based healthcare facility that offers a range of primary care services. The center focuses on preventive care and aims to promote overall wellness in the community. It is staffed by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who are committed to providing personalized care to each patient.

Patients have praised Elberton Health Center for its convenient location and friendly staff. The center offers a range of services, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and chronic disease management.

3. Elberton Nursing Home

Elberton Nursing Home is a long-term care facility that provides skilled nursing services to elderly residents. The nursing home offers a comfortable and supportive environment for individuals who require specialized care and assistance with daily activities. The facility is staffed by compassionate healthcare professionals who strive to enhance the quality of life for residents.

Elberton Nursing Home has received positive feedback from residents and their families. The facility offers various amenities, including recreational activities, therapy services, and personalized care plans.

4. Elberton Dialysis Center

Elberton Dialysis Center is a specialized healthcare facility that provides dialysis services to patients with kidney disease. The center is equipped with advanced dialysis machines and offers a comfortable environment for patients undergoing treatment. The center’s team of experienced healthcare professionals ensures that each patient receives personalized care and support.

Patients who have received dialysis treatment at Elberton Dialysis Center appreciate the knowledgeable and compassionate staff. The center offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate patients’ needs.

5. Elberton Emergency Medical Services

Elberton Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a vital component of the healthcare system in Elberton. The EMS team provides emergency medical care and transportation to individuals in need. They are trained to handle a wide range of medical emergencies and work closely with other healthcare providers to ensure seamless care.

Elberton EMS has been praised for its prompt response times and skilled paramedics. The team plays a crucial role in saving lives and providing critical care during emergencies.

These hospitals and healthcare facilities in Elberton, Georgia, are dedicated to serving the community and ensuring the well-being of their patients. Whether you require specialized medical treatment or routine healthcare services, you can trust these institutions to provide the care you need.

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