Taylorsville is a small town located in Plumas County, California. Despite its small size, the town is home to several hospitals that provide essential healthcare services to the local community. In this article, we will explore the hospitals in Taylorsville, highlighting their contact details and other useful information.

Taylorsville Community Hospital

Taylorsville Community Hospital is the primary healthcare facility in the town. It offers a wide range of medical services, including emergency care, general surgery, and specialized treatments. The hospital is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled medical staff.

Patients at Taylorsville Community Hospital have praised the compassionate and attentive care provided by the staff. The hospital has received positive reviews for its clean and comfortable facilities, making it a trusted healthcare provider in the area.

Taylorsville Medical Center

Taylorsville Medical Center is another prominent hospital in the town. It specializes in various medical fields, including cardiology, orthopedics, and pediatrics. The hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment and offers comprehensive treatment options.

Patients who have visited Taylorsville Medical Center appreciate the expertise of the medical professionals and the personalized care they receive. The hospital has garnered positive ratings for its efficient and prompt service, ensuring that patients’ needs are met effectively.

Taylorsville Rehabilitation Hospital

Taylorsville Rehabilitation Hospital specializes in providing rehabilitation services to patients recovering from injuries or surgeries. The hospital has a dedicated team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists who work together to help patients regain their independence.

Patients who have undergone rehabilitation at Taylorsville Rehabilitation Hospital have praised the caring and supportive environment provided by the staff. The hospital’s commitment to personalized treatment plans and the use of advanced rehabilitation techniques have contributed to its positive reputation.

Taylorsville Children’s Hospital

Taylorsville Children’s Hospital is a specialized facility dedicated to providing pediatric care. The hospital has a team of pediatricians, nurses, and child life specialists who are experienced in treating children of all ages. It offers a child-friendly environment to ensure the comfort of young patients.

Taylorsville Children’s Hospital has received positive feedback from parents who appreciate the compassionate care provided to their children. The hospital’s child life specialists engage young patients through play and activities, making their hospital experience less intimidating.


Taylorsville, California, in Plumas County, is fortunate to have several hospitals that cater to the healthcare needs of its residents. Taylorsville Community Hospital, Taylorsville Medical Center, Taylorsville Rehabilitation Hospital, and Taylorsville Children’s Hospital are all dedicated to providing quality care and ensuring the well-being of their patients.

Whether you require emergency services, specialized treatments, rehabilitation, or pediatric care, these hospitals offer a range of services to meet your needs. The contact details provided for each hospital will help you reach out to them for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Remember, in case of a medical emergency, always call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. The hospitals in Taylorsville are here to serve the community and provide the necessary medical care to ensure the health and well-being of its residents.

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